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LM6200 Linear/Gantry Mill

LM6200 Linear/Gantry Mill

A revolutionary, heavy-duty mill that can be configured for Linear or Gantry milling in nearly any position! Modular bed sections allow the length to be expanded from 48 – 192 inches (1219.2 – 4876.8 mm) without losing rigidity (with 32 – 152 inches (812.8 – 4470.4 mm) of travel).

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Max. X-Axis Travel176 inches (4470.4 mm)
Max. Y-Axis Travel106 inches (2692.4 mm)
Max. Vertical Travel8 inches (203.2 mm)
Spindle Size4 - 10 inches (101.6 - 254.0 mm)
Power OptionsHydraulic




Z-Axis Slide Attachment for the LM6200

LM6200 Application Video