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FF7200 Flange Facer

FF7200 Flange Facer

A powerful, heavy-duty flange facer with rigid performance throughout the entire machine facing range, now with both facing AND milling capabilities. Features a tool head that can be rotated a full 360 degrees, infinitely variable feed rates, and remotely adjustable air-powered feedbox so radial and axial feeds can be done quickly and safely. Facing diameters range from 30 to 72 inches (762 to 1828.8 mm) and milling diameters from 35 to 72 inches (889 to 1828.8 mm).

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Facing Diameters30 - 72 inches
762 - 1828.8 mm
Milling Diameters35 - 72 inches
889 - 1828.8 mm
ID Mounting Diameters30 - 72 inches
762 - 1828.8 mm
OD Mounting DiametersN/A
Power Options Pneumatic



Climax Portable Flange Facer Demo Video

FF7200 Video courtesy of NT Tools, CLIMAX distributor in Russia