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FF6200 Flange Facer

FF6200 Flange Facer

Rigid, versatile and fast. Delivers high-torque performance to quickly re-face flanges and repair seal and bearing fits without costly disassembly and needless downtime. Cuts angles, grooves, chamfers, RTJ, lens ring seals and weld preps and handles facing diameters from 20 to 50 inches (508 to 1270 mm).

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Facing Diameters20 - 50 inches
508 - 1270 mm
Milling DiametersN/A
ID Mounting Diameters20 - 50 inches
508 - 1270 mm
OD Mounting Diameters42 - 57.1 inches
1066.8 - 1450.3 mm
Power OptionsPneumatic



Climax Portable Flange Facer Demo Video

FF6200 Video courtesy of NT Tools, CLIMAX distributor in Russia