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Weekly News Roundup (Oct 31)

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 31)

Clock Is Ticking for Oil and Gas Industry in Britain (New York Times)

Britain’s oil and gas fields in the North Sea became a central topic of contention in the recent referendum on independence for Scotland.


Research and Markets:

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 24)

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 24)

U.S. To Produce More Oil & Gas Than Russia…For Decades (Forbes)

The U.S. shale oil and gas renaissance has effectively stripped Russia from its status as biggest non-OPEC oil producing state.


Philippines emerging as shipbuilding hub (Nikkei Asian Review)…

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 17)

Size, speed, precision: Polish power plant turns to CLIMAX

Technicians noticed significant leaking from an overhead heater at a power generation plant in Łódź, Poland. CLIMAX customer NGL Machining needed to reface four 3-meter heat exchanger flanges – fast.

What’s New: Meeting Customer Needs in the Gulf

The CLIMAX product line integrated with Calder Valve Testing is serving customers from the heart of Gulf oil and gas territory in Houston.

Serving global customers locally

CLIMAX Market Segment Technical Specialist Fitz Acheson shares five factors that help technical experts solve unique challenges all over the world.

Mastering Milling Machines, Part 2: Tramming the Spindle

We are giving you a closer look at the milling head assembly and how to get the results you’re looking for as you begin machining with your CLIMAX milling machine. We’ll review the key steps and issues associated with tramming the milling assembly.
Weekly News Roundup (Oct 10)

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 10)

France to cut reliance on nuclear power by 2025 (The Local FR)

Deputies in the French parliament voted on Friday to reduce the country’s reliance on Nuclear power to produce its electricity supply. It comes after environmental groups have raised …

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 3)

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 3)

U.S. Manufacturing: A Remembrance And A Look Ahead (NPR)

In the United States, development dollars mostly go into advanced sectors, like electronic instruments and pharmaceuticals. In other countries, the R&D focus is on more mundane sectors, such as machinery and …

Weekly News Roundup (Sept 26)

Weekly News Roundup (Sept 26)

Pakistan Plans to Sell Stake in Oil & Gas Development (Wall Street Journal)

Government Looks to Raise Some $800 Million Through Sale of Up to 10% Stake in Firm


US shale oil and gas producers are victims of their