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How-to: Optical alignment tooling for field milling

How-to: Optical alignment tooling for field milling

CLIMAX Portable and Brunson Instrument Company combine their expertise to bring the best alignment options to clients. Read more about the collaboration here.
Weekly News Roundup (Jan 23)

Weekly News Roundup (Jan 23)

Crude realities (The Economist)

The tumbling oil price piles more pressure on a sinking industry

GE Earnings Rise Despite Headwinds From Low Oil Prices
(ABC News)

General Electric Co. posted higher revenue and net income for the fourth quarter, but …

Weekly News Roundup (Jan 16)

Weekly News Roundup (Jan 16)

Cash-strapped Mongolia offers more land for mining projects (Reuters)

Struggling Mongolia is hoping to drum up more foreign investor interest in its flagging mining industry after opening up an additional 10.1 million hectares (39,000 square miles) of territory for mining

This month’s international oil & gas video picks

Check out CLIMAX’s picks for notable and interesting oil & gas industry videos from the Web.

CLIMAX Flange Facers: Built to Last

Durability and reliability are why a CLIMAX customer has been able to rely on the same two flange facers for more than 30 years.

Challenges facing your company – and how CLIMAX can help

Market conditions and industry trends impose a variety of challenges, and we hear about them every day. You may be facing some of these very problems right now – or you might tomorrow. CLIMAX is here to help.

Introducing Surface Mount and Backfacing Attachments for Flange Facing

To help our customers save time and effort on repair jobs, we’re excited to introduce two new attachment options: the surface mount and backfacing attachments for the FF7200 and FF8200 Flange Facers.

Weekly News Roundup (Jan 9)

Job losses, writedowns tipped for oil and gas industry (ABC)

Widespread job cuts, writedowns and project delays are predicted for Australia’s oil and gas industry as it struggles to cope with falling oil prices.

Nuclear Power Turns To Salt (Forbes)…

Repairing oil pipelines in the harshest conditions

Repairing oil pipelines in the harshest conditions

The oil & gas industry continues to operate in harsher environments and more extreme conditions. Read more about how CLIMAX machines helped expert staff at In-Situ Machining Solutions complete a challenging job in the harshest of conditions.
Weekly News Roundup (Jan 2)

Weekly News Roundup (Jan 2)

Oil Price Slump May Spur European Oil and Gas Deal-Making (New York Times)

There was $383 billion in mergers and acquisitions in the oil and gas sector last year, as of Dec. 11. Yet Europe has largely missed out.