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Weekly News Roundup (Oct 17)
Weekly News Roundup (Oct 10)

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 10)

France to cut reliance on nuclear power by 2025 (The Local FR)

Deputies in the French parliament voted on Friday to reduce the country’s reliance on Nuclear power to produce its electricity supply. It comes after environmental groups have raised …

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 3)

Weekly News Roundup (Oct 3)

U.S. Manufacturing: A Remembrance And A Look Ahead (NPR)

In the United States, development dollars mostly go into advanced sectors, like electronic instruments and pharmaceuticals. In other countries, the R&D focus is on more mundane sectors, such as machinery and …

Weekly News Roundup (Sept 26)

Weekly News Roundup (Sept 26)

Pakistan Plans to Sell Stake in Oil & Gas Development (Wall Street Journal)

Government Looks to Raise Some $800 Million Through Sale of Up to 10% Stake in Firm


US shale oil and gas producers are victims of their

Weekly News Roundup (Sept 19)

Bright Future Not Certain for British Oil and Gas Production (The New York Times)

Though Britain remains the largest oil producer in the European Union, a prosperous future is far from assured. Companies have scaled back exploration drilling in the …

Weekly News Roundup (Sept 12)

Weekly News Roundup (Sept 12)

$100 billion investment likely in renewable energy in 4 years: Piyush Goyal (The Economic Times)

The government is expecting $ 100 billion investment in the renewable energy sector in the next four years as it firms up a new policy …

Weekly News Roundup (Sept 5)

Oil And Gas Discoveries Near Africa’s East Coast To Soon Drive Billions In Investments: PWC (International Business Times)

Global oil and gas firms are turning their attention to Africa’s east coast, a region long overshadowed by production on the continent’s …

Weekly News Roundup (Aug 29)

Weekly News Roundup (Aug 29)

Q2 2014 Integrated Oil and Gas Round-Up: Capital Expenditures (Forbes)

Vertically integrated oil and gas companies have both upstream as well as downstream operations.


Renewable Energy Capacity Grew At Fastest Pace Ever In 2013 (Think Progress)

The world’s collective …

Weekly News Roundup (Aug 22)

Weekly News Roundup (Aug 22)

Germany Approves Sale of Utility’s Oil and Gas Unit to Russians (The New York Times)

The German government has approved the sale of the utility RWE’s oil and natural gas subsidiary, RWE Dea, to a team of Russian investors, the …

Weekly News Roundup (Aug 15)

Democrats Increasingly Backing Oil and Gas Industry (The Wall Street Journal)

Lawmakers in the Party Weigh Benefits of Fracking Boom Against Opposition from Environmentalists


UK Oil & Gas Industry’s Gender Diversity Challenge (Forbes)

When it comes to gender diversity …